Why Choose a Collagen Manufacturer That Offers Unique Benefits?

July 26, 2021 , Collagen Manufacturer

Have you ever wondered how the cosmetics companies get their collagen in powdered form? The collagen they use is not available in pill form because it is not an extract. You see, all natural ingredients cannot be made into a powder. It just doesn’t work that way.

The molecules are too big to be absorbed through your pores. The best solution would be to make them into a cream, but what good would that do if the collagen can not penetrate your skin? Why should they use something that will just sit on your face and do nothing for your skin. So they add some artificial preservatives, mineral oils and other unnecessary ingredients to their creams, and call it a moisturizing formula.

The molecular weight of collagen is completely irrelevant to how well a product works. The presence or absence of collagen in a product is very minor. Your body’s own collagen and elastin are the factors that keep you young looking. Scientists have confirmed what we all know: these proteins are too large to pass through your skin’s pores. That’s why your moisturizing factors are so important, they are the building blocks of your skin.

Another collagen type manufacturer claims that their hydrolyzed type of collagen is effective. How is this possible? There is a difference between the actual proteins in your body and the ones which are made up of them. Most companies don’t want you to know this. They don’t want you to realize that you may need a supplement to help your collagen in a topical form. That’s why they hide the fact that their active ingredient is only partially bio-available.

There is a company that has extracted the active protein components from a type of grass-fed beef that has been grass-fed for four months. Their natural anti-aging formula contains collagen from this beef as well as Functional Keratin, a newly discovered type of protein that helps to stimulate collagen and elastin creation. This is the exact same composition as the collagen powders that the big name collagen companies sell. That company also promises you a return of your youthful appearance by alleviating the lines and wrinkles you currently have. Now that you know where to buy your collagen, don’t you think that they are selling something worth buying?

The unique benefits of CynergyTK, the ingredient they use in their topical creams and lotions, make it a valid option when considering collagen type v.s. If the company can provide proof that their product is superior to theirs, then that is sufficient for my client. The choice is entirely up to you. Just remember to get what you need, whether it’s sourced from the sheep or from an exotic fish. It will be good for your body, and it just might look good on you!